Xylophone - K.Z. Snow K.Z. Snow is an auto-buy for me so when I saw this title I put it on my "must-have-grabby-hands" shelf without further delay. And, lucky me, earlier this year, I won a copy in a giveaway. It was then that I read the blurb and realized what the theme of the book was. And I couldn't open it for a long time. In certain ways it just hits too close to home.

For six months it's been sitting there waiting. And finally, because of a challenge I'm participating in, I gathered myself and started reading, with the knowledge that if things got to be too much I could always stop.

I should know to trust Ms. Snow. She has the ability, the gift, to write about a most horrendous theme without delving into the darkest muck while still showing the hurt and grief. It's the fine line of a knife edge and Ms. Snow walks it nimbly.

I can't say that I "enjoyed" the book. "Enjoy" is such a happy, buoyant word... not quite right for this book. But I am very glad I read it.