One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn 4.5 Stars

Anyone who knows me in RL knows I am an absolute pushover for babies. It's the same in my reading me a cute baby and I'm a puddle of melted goo! So right away, this book is in my 'plus' column. Sweet baby Alice, unexpected, but a gift nonetheless, is the catalyst for bringing together 3 extremely disparate men to form the family they all yearn for. Rue, the former club boy, studying and dreaming of a better life. Erik, the nerdy, asocial writer, burdened with a stutter, OCD tendencies and panic disorder. And Dusty, the friend who is looking for love in all the wrong places. These guys all got to me in one way or another. I loved watching Rue and especially Erik transform before my eyes and Dusty's story I'm looking forward to reading - I so liked his character!