Regularly Scheduled Life - K.A. Mitchell 3.5 Stars

I've been seriously waffling about my rating for this book. It's more than a 3 but less than a 4...where are those half stars when you need them?!

Perhaps the book would have worked better for me had we seen more of the "happy" relationship between Kyle and Sean. As it stands, there is a brief scene with the MCs and their friends, then a morning shower sex scene, and then the drama begins. I didn't get enough of their relationship or who they were as people before the angst hit and then, honestly?, I didn't like either character overly much; both of them were childish and selfish. As written, it seemed that their only connection was really great sex and if that's all ya got it's not going to hold a relationship together during the tough stretches.

As the book progressed, I did warm up to the characters a little more.