Zero Hour - A Dystopian Adventure - Jordan Castillo Price 4.75 Stars

First off - absolutely GREAT cover! It's what made me stop and look at this book in the first place!

This book was sooooo close to a 5 Star for me. I'm a Sci-Fi lover from way, way back and I'm particularly fond of books that have the MC suddenly thrust out of his comfort zone. Usually the scenario involves the break-down of civilization as we know it so I was thrilled to see the reverse here - being forced back to "our" primitive interactions with our bodies and each other.

I loved all of the characters. The 2 MCs were fully and richly characterized. The supporting characters slipped into the story naturally and seamlessly. I mean really, who could not love Audrey the POD mod!

The end, unfortunately, prevented me from giving it a 5+ Star rating. Not that it was bad, just that it ended a little bit too soon. As the group stands now, it's just too small to be viable in the long run and no indication was given that there is an organized underground of escape or a community of earlier escapees.