Hidden Treasure - V.B. Kildaire First let me say that I love V.B. Kildaire's style of writing. I absolutely loved The Desire for Dearborne and, even though I'm not a huge fan of fantasy (and held off reading this for a long time because of that fact), as soon as I started I was pulled into the story and became invested in the lives of the characters. I liked both the MCs. It was satisfying to watch them change and grow into better people knowing that it was only through meeting each other that the changes could have happened. And then it abruptly ended. I checked the page count thinking there must have been a mistake. Nope, it was the end. But... but... NOOOOO!!! I honestly couldn't believe it! I had so many questions that were unanswered, so many scenes that I still wanted to happen. It certainly isn't a HEA... more of a HFN-right-this-minute! I want MORE!!! Why isn't there a sequel?!? *begs Ms. Kildaire on bended knee to write a sequel* ;)