Long-Term - Angelia Sparrow I know virtually nothing about a D/s life-style except for what I've read. There are aspects to this way of life that appeal to me; there are others that do not. In Ian and Teague's case I had mixed feelings. In my most humble opinion, Ian's treatment by previous Doms was abuse plain and simple. I can understand Ian having difficulty coming to that conclusion but I was surprised (and a bit disheartened) by Teague's rather cavalier response when confronted with the knowledge.

I did very much like the dynamic between the two MCs. Ian, while aching to please, still realized that he needed to learn more about himself if he didn't want to repeat the same behaviours and mistakes. And I appreciated that Teague gave him the time he needed to really know what he wanted before cementing a commitment. I also understood the need for Teague to protect himself from the broken heart that was sure to follow if Ian's decisions were not for the long-term.

A most enjoyable read.

Disclaimer: My copy of this book was a contest win.