One Night in December - Terry O'Reilly I had some definite issues with this one. The first and most important problem was with David, one of the MCs. It took me a loooong time to 'warm up' to this character for the fact that he confesses in the first few pages to long term cheating on his wife. He had been honest with her at the beginning of their marriage, telling her that he was gay but then proceeded to f**k around with numerous men for the next 30 years! Huh? Now I don't have a problem with an open relationship/marriage, I really don't, as long as BOTH parties are aware of the 'open' status. Otherwise an innocent party is put at risk, no matter how careful the other partner is. And apparently David wasn't careful or he would have used a condom the first time he had sex with Andy!

I did really like the Author's note at the end of the story.