His For The Holidays - Josh Lanyon, L.B. Gregg, Harper Fox, Z.A. Maxfield, Angela James *4.5 Stars*

A great Christmas anthology with 4 strong stories.

Mistletoe at Midnight By LB Gregg

A lovely holiday story about reconnecting with your first love. I really liked Owen and Caleb; Mum I had some issues with!

Nine Lights Over Edinburgh By Harper Fox

An unexpectedly dark story for a Christmas theme. A number of people, according to their reviews, had a problem with this one. I loved it! DI James McBride, a tough, gritty 'copper', is well balanced by Tobias Leitner, elite member of Israel's Mossad. I thought the dark themes of alcoholism, human trafficking, & kidnapping made the 'nine lights over Edinburgh' shine that much brighter!

I Heard Him Exclaim By Z.A. Maxfield

A more traditionally themed Christmas story about coming to terms with unforeseen changes and accepting a new image of who you are - Steve as a fit & slimmed down bear of a Santa and Chandler as 'parent' to his 5 year old niece.

Icecapade By Josh Lanyon

Can Josh Lanyon write a bad story? Don't think so! This is a little gem of a story pitting ex-cat burglar Noel Snow against FBI agent Robert Cuffe. (Can I just say here that I LOVE the names!) Just read it - it's bril!!!