Tainted Blood - Sam C. Leonhard 4.5 Stars

What a great story - I was hooked from page 1! Dr. Tennant (yes, I had a giggle right away) and Gabriel meet on a cold Christmas Eve when Gabriel sees Tennant jump from an apartment window. Rather than leaving a horrible mess on the pavement like Gabriel had envisioned, he sees Tennant gently float to the ground, then must shake off the sleeping/forgetting rune that Tennant uses on him. Very slowly Aleksei Tennant and Gabriel Jordan forge a cautious friendship while at the same time trying to discover who is murdering beings from magical hidden worlds.

I really liked Tennant and Gabriel. The characters were not one-dimensional; I liked them because of their flaws rather than in spite of them. The story was well paced - I certainly didn't notice any parts that dragged - and the mystery kept me interested. The romance between the MCs built slowly and really isn't realized until near the end of the books. And yet you don't feel cheated because it is so obvious that they care, even love each, other long before they admit it to each other (even though I did want to grab them, shake them and make them talk to each other!!!

I'm so glad to read that there is a sequel in the works! I'll be waiting for it!