The Family Affair - James Gainer This is a story about changes and dealing with loss. In a single moment Jack Perry's life was changed when his partner of 10 years drowned. Now it is a year later and he is forced to begin to deal with his loss when his sister's 23 year old stepson comes to live with him. Rick causes a flicker of life to re-ignite in Jack, waking him up from his year-long funk. Their attraction quickly turns physical making Jack question the appropriateness of a relationship which could be considered taboo. But Rick is always challenging Jack to take another step, to move forward. As Jack is attempting to sort out his growing feelings toward Rick, outside circumstances affect his career as the producer/writer of a successful TV show. But it is dealing with a family crisis which finally compels Jack to begin to move forward with his new life.

An emotional, well written story (for the most part - it would benefit from a good proof-reader to catch a few mistakes - but that is a personal pet peeve) populated by likable characters. A book definitely worth reading.

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